Strat-O-Matic predicted David Wright’s home run in Game Three…


Rich MacLeod

Remember Strat-O-Matic? The baseball-based simulator that accurately predicted specific plays and the results of the first two games of the World Series based on computer simulations and algorithms?

Well yeah, they’re at it again.

After accurately predicting that the Mets would drop the first two games of the Fall Classic in Kansas City, Strat-O-Matic predicted that New York would gather their first victory in Game Three in front of an energized home crowd at Citi Field–another prediction they got correct.

While they did predict that the game would be much closer than it wound up being, Strat-O-Matic once again nailed one of their more specific predictions, as they had David Wright hitting his first career World Series home run–a feat he accomplished in the 1st inning of Game Three against Yordano Ventura.

Once again, the Strat-O-Matic blueprint holds to form, and if that continues, it means that the Mets will come away victorious tonight in Game Four on the back of a Michael Conforto home run.

Couple these incredibly and eerily accurate predictions along with the fact that this series is playing out almost exactly how the 1986 World Series did–the Mets lost Game One by a run, Game Two by six runs and won Game Three by six runs as they have in this series–and this is certainly starting to get weird.

All hail the mighty computer. LGM.

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