The Mets are ‘angry,’ says Terry Collins

Terry Collins

BaronThe Mets suffered a brutal loss in addition to their 5-2 defeat against the Dodgers in Los Angeles on Saturday night.

Ruben Tejada suffered a broken leg after Chase Utley slid late into him to the right of second base.

While Utley was originally ruled out on the play, it was determined Tejada never touched second base with his foot after the play was reviewed, and Utley was reinstalled as the runner at second base.

“[The slide] broke my shortstop’s leg, that’s all I know,” manager Terry Collins said about Utley’s controversial slide.

Collins took the high road as to whether or not he thought Utley’s slide was clean.

“I’m not going to get into it. It’s over. It’s done. Not much we can do about it except come out in a couple days and get after it,” he said.

The Mets never received an explanation on the field as to why the call was overturned, but felt the umpires handled the situation appropriately.

“The umpires handled it great,” Collins said. “They said ‘we reviewed the whole thing, and obviously we didn’t think it was a good throw.’ So the neighborhood play was out. They thought that it’s pretty hard to rule that he didn’t touch the bag when he hit the shortstop and nobody was tagged, so they have no other call.

“So they handled it right.”

Collins believes the anger his club feels over the play will help energize and motivate the Mets even more, although he warned the players need to keep the game in perspective and focus on channeling their emotions towards winning.

“You’ve got to take the emotion and keep your focus,” Collins explained. “You can’t lose control. So we’ll show up. I think that our guys will certainly be very, very anxious to get back on the field on Monday.”

Collins ruled out Juan Uribe as a possible replacement for Tejada on the roster.

“He’s not ready to play. He hasn’t done any baseball activities in two weeks, so he’s not going to be a possibility,” Collins said.

The Mets manager said Wilmer Flores will be their starting shortstop for the remainder of the postseason, and he has to step up now that Tejada is out for the year.

“Ruben Tejada’s been here and started the year in a tough spot because Wilmer basically lost the job,” Collins explained. “Ruben stepped up and said entering this series defense is going to be important, very important. So we thought he would be the guy. Now we’re going to have to ask Wilmer to step up.

Collins said his players are very angry and upset with what transpired in the seventh inning.

“We’ll control it, but, yeah, they’re angry,” the manager said. “You lose in a playoff series to that serious of an injury, yeah, they’re not very happy about it.”

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Sounds just like mild mannered Collins. Bet that guys like Francona or Showalter would have acted quite a bit differently.


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