Scott Boras is done talking about innings limits with Matt Harvey

Scott Boras

BaronSuddenly, Scott Boras doesn’t want to talk about innings limits.

That’s a good thing, too.

Boras, the man who represents Mets RHP Matt Harvey, the man who went to the media when he and the Mets suddenly were at a disagreement about what was the recommended cutoff to his client’s season, just wanted to focus on the Mets, Dodgers and the postseason as a fan at Dodger Stadium on Friday night.

“I’m just watching everybody play baseball. I’m here for the same thing you are,” Boras said at Dodger Stadium on Friday afternoon. “I’m not going to comment on anything about what the club is doing, or what we’re doing, other than that Matt’s going to pitch.”

Boras credited his client’s work ethic and willingness to do whatever it takes for the Mets to win.

Matt Harvey“Everybody knows what his ethic is,” he explained. “And remember this, too: Matt Harvey gave his arm already for the New York Mets. In 2013, he pitched until he didn’t have a ligament. He’s the kind of guy, he wants his team to do well. He wants them to win. And you’ve seen what he’s done.”

Boras insisted both he, Harvey and the team were simply looking out for what was best for the player when the circumstance arose just before Labor Day. Boras insisted that doctors recommended Harvey be shutdown for the year when he reached 180 innings, a marker the team said was not in place for their prized right-handed pitcher.

The result was a media fiasco in which Harvey was noncommittal about pitching beyond the 180-inning mark, jeopardizing his status in the playoffs. There was also controversy following a start against the Yankees, during which he was removed after five dominant innings only to see the bullpen implode in a loss.

“Everybody is trying to do the right thing,” Boras said. “I think they are. But when you’re faced with that, you try to get information to everybody.”

Harvey later eased off the stance, and went to Terry Collins and said he wanted to pitch, pitch full games and pitch as regularly as permitted, including in the postseason.

Both he and the team have said there will be no innings cap in Harvey’s outings during the postseason.

Harvey will pitch on Monday night during game three of the National League Division Series at Citi Field.

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About time he shut up. Now if we can make him go away so Harvey can have a long career with the Mets.


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