With unfairly high expectations, Steven Matz appears capable of meeting, or exceeding them

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BaronIt had been two months since Steven Matz toed the rubber in a meaningful game, but on Sunday, the promising left-hander returned against the Marlins and showed all of the promise he had left behind while on the disabled list.

Matz allowed only two runs on four hits with two walks and six strikeouts in 5 1/3 innings on Sunday afternoon in Miami, and was positioned for a win until the Mets lost their grip on the game with two outs in the eighth inning.

“I felt good,” Matz said. “I was falling behind hitters a lot and made it difficult on myself and made a few mistakes, which ultimately cost us the game. I’ll try to build off it.”

In fairness, his performance didn’t cost the club the game. Sure, he was a little erratic, especially early with his fastball command, but he was clearly aware of his command problems and effectively went to his breaking ball, which more or less stifled the Marlins throughout his outing.

His curveball was particularly wicked, inducing three swings-and-misses on the five strikes he threw with that pitch.

Steven MatzAnd once he was able to corral his fastball, it was smooth sailing for Matz outside of the solo home run he allowed to Jeff Mathis in the fifth inning.

But his outing was cut short on Sunday thanks to what he believes is a minor blister on his finger which might have been caused by the humidity inside Marlins Park.

“I think we caught it before it got too bad,” Matz explained. “I used to get it a lot in 2013 when I pitched in Savannah and it was really humid. I guess the skin just softens up when it gets humid.”

Matz doesn’t believe the blister will cause him to miss his next start.

“It should be good to go,” Matz said. “I think it was the right move. I could have kept on pitching with it, but I think Terry made the right call and shut it down. If it gets worse, that’s when there’s trouble.”

Indeed it was, as the Mets need to preserve Matz as they intend to implement a six-man rotation immediately.

There’s a lot of pressure on Matz down the stretch of the season, which is hardly fair for him.

He has three big league starts under his belt separated by a two month stint on the disabled list. But he’s going to be part of a six-man rotation tasked with getting this club back into the playoffs for the first time in nine years. He’s going to be asked to pitch at a high level with no margin for error and no allowance for a learning curve.

Again, that’s not fair for a young starter. But life’s tough in a pennant race in a big city.

This is what it’s all about anyway.

But if his start on Sunday and his first two starts in early July are any indication, Matz is up to the challenge of successfully navigating this instant test. He’s poised and focused, and doesn’t let any of the external noise reach him.

But still, it’s a high stakes gamble to place such high hopes on such a young pitcher.

And only time will determine if the gamble pays off. But he appears capable of meeting, and potentially exceeding these unfair expectations.


He is another piece of the too quick expansion of the team this year. We expected improvement and development but not four games ahead in September. If that had played out and we were in second place, no Matt Harvey problem and other pitchers could also control their innings and all look forward to being at the top of their game next year and not only go for the NL pennant but also the World Series.


There is no “too quick expansion” when you have a chance at the playoffs. The Mets need to capitalize on this opportunity. We can’t expect the Nats to perform next year the same way they did this year. Also the Marlins look primed for a good run the next few years and the Phillies have even shown life since the break. Mets fans have been saying “wait till next year…” for nine years now and you would want them to say it again? Ridiculous.


I said “wait until next year” as a Bklyn Dodger fan as a kid and waited a long time to get there. Oh yes then they moved to LA. This years results are an anomilie and I say- go for it! They are where they are and they can only look forward. On to the Playoffs and the Dodgers of LA and Kershaw and Grienke, and lots of luck to go further.


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