Terry Collins could bat Daniel Murphy fifth on Monday

Daniel Murphy slice

M BaronTerry Collins and his staff are still mulling how to formulate their Opening Day lineup against the Nationals on Monday, but now that he knows Daniel Murphy will be at his disposal, he has to figure out where he fits in particular.

Collins is thinking about hitting Murphy fifth, and hitting Juan Lagares in the leadoff spot, followed by Curtis Granderson in the second spot, according to Newsday.

However, it’s not clear if this configuration will remain static, Collins explained on Saturday.

“Juan has had such a good spring, I hate to have him hit ninth because he deserves more at-bats than that,” Collins said. “That’s why I don’t know where he’s going to hit or what we’re going to do yet.”

If that’s the case, the Opening Day lineup could look something like this:

1) Juan Lagares CF
2) Curtis Granderson RF
3) David Wright 3B
4) Lucas Duda 1B
5) Daniel Murphy 2B
6) Michael Cuddyer LF
7) Travis d’Arnaud C
8) Wilmer Flores SS
9) Bartolo Colon RHP

The problem with this is it gives the Mets back-to-back lefties right in the middle of their lineup, which isn’t always ideal, especially since Murphy isn’t really a power hitter. I envisioned Murphy or Granderson hitting sixth, which would alternate the lineup righty/lefty 1-6, making it harder for opposing managers to maneuver late in games.

I do like Granderson in the top of the order. He works counts, gets on-base, and is also showing a greater ability to make contact this spring. If that continues, he’s a power threat and a table setter all in one at the top of the lineup.


2 responses to “Terry Collins could bat Daniel Murphy fifth on Monday”

  1. I don’t understand what Collins is thinking here and, since you don’t have any explanation of the possible upside, I’m guessing you don’t either.


  2. I can see that against righties but not against lefties Cuddyer should bat 5th against lefties


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